Smart Forex Tester Roadmap

On this page we give some insight in our current development status and priorities.

Please provide your feedback – we do listen! Leave your comment here or simply send us an e-mail.

Here’s our current plans:

  • Enhanced graphics. Mouse operations

We want to port the rich graphing functionality from the Smart Forex Tester 0.9.x – series. You should be able to zoom in the chart to see the details of each and every trade. With the mouse, you should be able to easily see the prices of every tick and each trade. (ETA: January 2017) – DELIVERED

  • Enhancing EA compatibility

Based on need identified, we will be constaltly adding new interfaces between the C++ defined strategy and the Tester engine. Thus will be constantly extending the scope of MQ functionality support in the Tester. (ETA: n/a, ongoing)

  • New Indicators

As a first priority, Average Directional Index (ADX), Average True Range (ATR), Moving Average Convergence Divergence (MACD), Stochastic Oscillator, Parabolic Stop And Reversal (SAR) will be added. (ETA: n/a, ongoing)

  • Pending (Limit) orders

Currently the Tester supports only market orders. We will also add support for Buy/Sell limit, Buy/Sell stop limit orders. It will be possible to edit and cancel these orders. Also closing opposite orders will be possible. (ETA: March 2017)

  • Tick data recorder 

Tick recorder is a handy tool to prepare the test data. If you are busy with your day job, you can keep the Tester running all the time and store the ticks for all the currency pairs. Later, you can use this fresh price data to backtest your strategies.  (ETA: April 2017)

  • Test recording / replay

Tests on lengthy data can take time. Replay helps to watch and analyze the tests in retrospect much faster. If needed, you can also slow down or pause for analysis. (ETA: May 2017)

  • Multiple orders

Currently the Tester supports only one open orders. With support for multiple orders, it will be possible to trade several currency pairs simultaneously. (ETA: n/a)